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This is my second photo from Chicago during AAOMS week. I actually shot this prior to the other shot, but I just happened to edit this one second. This should also be the last of my cityscape trend for a little while haha. Anyway, this was taken during the same AAOMS week in the morning. I was walking around with my co-resident when I said I wanted to see this spot in person. It was a great place, but hard to compose due to a bridge that I was standing on as well as the asymmetric buildings. I came back the next morning well before sunrise during the blue hour, set my camera up and started taking a few photos. I was able to take some during full darkness at night and then a few during the blue hour. It was perfect because the light from sunrise (directly behind me) reflected very well off the tower. This is why the tower is so bright and the foreground is so dark. You can also see this same light on the clouds above the buildings. All said and done, I was able to make it work out pretty well I think. It was a really fun photo to work on and I hope you all enjoy it as well! :). Photo by Bereno DMD.

Camera: Nikon D850.

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