In a Day Migrant caravan arrives at U.S.-Mexico borderThe bulk of the...

Migrant caravan arrives at U.S.-Mexico border
The bulk of the migrant caravan crossing Mexico began arriving Thursday at the U.S. border, as around 800 Central Americans reached the city of Tijuana aboard 22 buses after more than a month’s trek.

“We’ve finally reached Tijuana. I can’t wait to see the border. It’s been a never-ending journey, but God brought us here,” said Carmen Soto, a Honduran migrant traveling with her two young children.

More than 750 migrants who had traveled ahead of the main caravan had already arrived over the past several days in Tijuana, which sits across the border from San Diego, California.

More than 3,000 others are on the way, expected to reach the border Thursday or Friday in buses organized by charities, private donors and local authorities.

Across the border, nearly 6,000 troops deployed by Donald Trump have been busy erecting concrete barriers and razor-wire fences to keep out what the  president has described as an “invasion.”

The caravan began its journey on October 13 in San Pedro Sula, Honduras – more than 4,300 kilometers (2,700 miles) from Tijuana. (AFP)

Photos from top: Gregory Bull/AP, Jorge Duenes/Reuter, Gregory Bull/AP, Marco Ugarte/AP (2)

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U.S. troops help fortify southern border as migrant caravan...

U.S. troops help fortify southern border as migrant caravan approaches
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis defended the use of active duty troops on the U.S.-Mexican border, saying that in some ways it provides good training for war. He argued that it’s analogous to a 1916 deployment to counter the Mexican revolutionary Gen. Francisco “Pancho” Villa.

The Pentagon chief said that within a week to 10 days the 5,800 troops currently deployed for the border mission will have accomplished all the tasks initially requested by Customs and Border Protection, although additional tasks are now being worked out between the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security. Mattis did not say how soon the mission might end; current deployments are scheduled to last until Dec. 15, but that could change.

In addition to the 5,800 active duty troops in the border area, about 2,100 National Guard troops have been providing border support since April.

Mattis said the short-term objective is to get sufficient numbers of wire and other barriers in place along the border as requested by Customs and Border Protection. The longer-term objective, he said, is “somewhat to be determined.” (AP)

Photos from top: Mike Blake/Reuters, Jorge Duenes/Reuters, Eric Gay/AP,  U.S. Air Force/SrA Alexandra Minor/Handout via Reuters, Eric Gay/AP

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Animal survivors of the California firesThe wildfires that...

Animal survivors of the California fires
The wildfires that ripped through communities in Northern and Southern California this week have left heartbreaking images of eviscerated neighborhoods and coroners searching for human remains.

There have also been inspiring stories, including those of animals being rescued from the blazes. The front page of Wednesday’s Sacramento Bee featured a reporter’s first-hand account of returning London, a calico cat, to her overjoyed owner.

Here are more of the rescued cats, dogs and other critters. (Yahoo News)

Photos from top: Noah Berger/AP - John Locher/AP (2) - Andrew Cullen/Reuters - Matthew Simmons/Getty Images - Sharon Bernstein/Reuters

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Inge Morath, pioneering documentary photographer“I am a...

Inge Morath, pioneering documentary photographer
“I am a traveler with a camera through whose viewfinder I have been looking at the world and the faces of its people for more than forty years.” – Inge Morath

Austrian-born American photographer Inge Morath overcame an adolescence in Nazi Germany and the trauma of barely surviving World War II, using her camera as a way to enter worlds closed to most women. One of the first women to join Magnum Photos in 1953, she worked closely with Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson. Morath traveled across the globe, often as a woman alone, quietly but firmly defying the conventions for what was appropriate for women at the time. Her photographs show her cosmopolitanism, her love of literature, and her fluency in many languages. Morath’s work is unified by an intimacy and comfort with her subjects. Her respect for the various cultures she documented made her what Gordon calls a “visual ethnographer.” Truly a citizen of the world, she had a rare ability to see, simultaneously, the universal and the personal.

Morath was a superb portraitist, particularly drawn to artist subjects, such as painter Saul Steinberg, sculptor Louise Bourgeois, and writer Boris Pasternak. She worked mainly in black-and-white but also used color film exquisitely, even early in her career. Through a Magnum assignment to document Marilyn Monroe and The Misfits film set, she met the famous playwright Arthur Miller, and their subsequent marriage lasted for forty years. Miller, speaking of his wife, said “She made poetry out of people and their places over half a century.”

The first full-length biography, Inge Morath: An Illustrated Biography by Linda Gordon, is available November 2018. (Prestel/Magnum Foundation).

Photography © Inge Morath/Magnum Photos from the book “Inge Morath: An Illustrated Biography” by Linda Gordon published by Prestel)

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