In a Day PHOTOS: Revisiting the assassination of JFKNov. 22, 1963, was...

PHOTOS: Revisiting the assassination of JFK
Nov. 22, 1963, was one of the darkest days in our nation’s history, when a young president who had captured the imagination of the world was gunned down sitting with his wife in a motorcade driving through the heart of Dallas, Texas.

The assassination of John F. Kennedy shook the confidence of a country that had emerged less than a generation earlier, triumphant from World War II, and set the stage for the social upheavals of the rest of the decade. The official explanation for the assassination was that a nonentity named Lee Harvey Oswald had carried off the murder entirely on his own — for reasons that have never been fully explained.

This left many Americans unsatisfied and gave rise to the modern industry of conspiracy-mongering that still defines much of American political discourse. (AP/Yahoo News)

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PHOTOS: Iraqi protests continue amid rising death toll in...

PHOTOS: Iraqi protests continue amid rising death toll in Baghdad
Three anti-government protesters have been killed and 25 others injured amid ongoing clashes with Iraqi security forces near a strategic bridge in Baghdad.

The latest clashes came just hours after some of the most intense street violence seen in recent days, with 10 protesters killed and another 100 injured. Security forces used tear gas and live ammunition to repel demonstrators in clashes that lasted well into the night on Thursday.

On Friday, two protesters were killed by tear gas and another was hit by live rounds fired by security forces on Rasheed Street. The street is close to Ahrar Bridge, a flashpoint in recent days.

Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the highest Shia religious authority in Iraq, re-emphasize calls to political parties to pass electoral reform laws and respond to the protesters’ demands.

Iraq’s massive anti-government protest movement erupted on October 1 and quickly escalated into calls to sweep aside Iraq’s sectarian system.

Protesters continue to occupy several Baghdad squares and parts of three bridges in a stand-off with security forces. (AP)

Photos: Hadi Mizban/AP

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PHOTOS: 10 bronze statues of inspirational women in NYC by...

PHOTOS: 10 bronze statues of inspirational women in NYC by Statues for Equality"
Statues for Equality is a global mission to balance gender representation in public statues and honor women’s contribution to society. Gender inequality is among the most critical issues facing the world today, and having a public display of inspirational women for the world to see is a tangible step humanity can make toward a more equal society. Sadly the representation of female statues in most western countries is less than 4 percent.

On Woman’s Equality Day in New York City, Statues for Equality was launched and history was made with some of the world’s most influential woman. Ten inspirational and larger-than-life bronze female statues were unveiled on the iconic Avenue of the Americas to increase female representation in public art statues, from 3 percent to 9 percent overnight. Among these women are Oprah Winfrey, Jane Goodall, Cate Blanchett, P!nk and Nicole Kidman.

It was a long and complicated process to make sure each of the statues was a depiction of the woman precisely how she wanted to be seen. The artists began with a portrait study. To better understand the individual faces, artists Gillie and Marc began by first sketching, then painting the faces of each woman.

This process, starting in 2D, is important for developing the expressions and to allow the individual personalities to shine through when crafting the clay mold and transforming them into bronze masterpieces. Painted on fabric from around the world, they represent the diversity of womankind. Each painting has its own texture, shape and feel. From there, the artists collaborated with the women further. Each woman decided her own pose, outfit and flower on which to stand for her statue in bronze.

Gillie and Marc now want to expand their project around the world, with the goal of reaching complete gender equality of public sculptures — 50 percent —across the globe by 2025. (Statues for Equality)

Photography by Gordon Donovan/Yahoo News

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PHOTOS: Deadly shooting at California football party Four people...

PHOTOS: Deadly shooting at California football party
Four people were killed and six more wounded when “unknown suspects” sneaked into a backyard filled with people at a party in central California and fired into the crowd, police said.

The shooting took place about 6 p.m. on the Fresno’s southeast side, where people were gathered to watch a football game, Fresno Police Lt. Bill Dooley said.

Deputy Chief Michael Reid told the Fresno Bee and the KSEE/KGPE TV stations that a total of 10 people were shot, with three found dead in the backyard. A fourth person died at the hospital. Six others are expected to survive and are recovering at the hospital.

All the victims were Asian men ranging from ages 25 to 35, Reid said.

“What we do know is that this was a gathering, a family and friend gathering in the backyard,” Dooley said. “Everyone was watching football this evening when unknown suspects approached the residence, snuck into the backyard and opened fire.”

The victims were taken to Community Regional Medical Center in critical condition, and some are now stable, the TV stations reported.

About 35 people were at the party when the shooting began, Reid said.

“Thank God that no kids were hurt,” he said.

No one is in custody in connection with the shooting. Police said there was no immediate indication that the victims knew the shooter or shooters.

Police were going door-to-door in search of surveillance video that might help them track down the suspects. The shooting took place about a half-mile from the city’s airport. (AP)

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