In a Day PHOTOS: Venezuela dialysis patients face uncertain fate after...

PHOTOS: Venezuela dialysis patients face uncertain fate after power cuts
Seconds before William Lopez was set to be connected to a dialysis machine at a state-run clinic in the western Venezuelan city of Maracaibo in April, the power went out.

Missing dialysis treatment, which removes toxins that build up in the blood of people who suffer from kidney failure, leaves Lopez feeling dizzy and nauseated. Like any chronic kidney disease patient, he could die if he goes too long without treatment.

Unable to complete his treatment that day, Lopez had little choice but to return home.

When he arrived, the power was out there as well.

“The impotence that I feel makes me want to cry,” said Lopez, 45, one of 11,000 Venezuelans whose dialysis treatment has been thrown into disarray by a wave of blackouts in the oil-rich but crisis-stricken South American country.

“Some people go to sleep while they are in treatment. I do not, because I am scared I will never wake up.”

Photography by Ueslei Marcelino/Reuters

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PHOTOS: Inside Notre Dame CathedralA month after a fire engulfed...

PHOTOS: Inside Notre Dame Cathedral
A month after a fire engulfed Notre Dame Cathedral, workers are still trying to ensure the edifice is safe enough for the restoration process to begin, French Culture Minister Franck Riester said.

Riester and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wore hard hats for a visit Wednesday inside the Gothic church.

Trudeau said he wanted to show Canadians’ solidarity “toward our French cousins.” After the devastating April 15 fire, he said one “can’t help but marvel at how so much was saved.”

Operations to secure and conserve the cathedral must be completed before restoration works can start, Riester said, adding that robots were removing gravel from within to be examined both by ministry experts and police seeking clues about the fire’s origin.

Most paintings, relics and the Crown of Thorns purported to have been worn by Jesus at his crucifixion are being conserved at the Louvre Museum. Several works still cannot be accessed, though they are safe, the culture minister said.

A collection of funds for the restoration has so far brought in about 850 million euros (952.2 million dollars), he said.

“It’s way too early to know if we have enough money or even too much money to restore Notre Dame of Paris,” Riester said. He noted there can be a difference between pledges and what is actually provided, and added that with no “diagnostic” of the damage, a price of the restoration work isn’t yet known.

“The needs are obviously colossal,” he said. (AP)

Photos: Philippe Lopez/Pool via AP

PHOTOS: Fire breaks out at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris »

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PHOTOS: Beautiful doors of LondonWhen it comes to this...

PHOTOS: Beautiful doors of London
When it comes to this photographer’s line of work, it’s a case of “don’t knock it till you’ve tried it,” as she spends her time snapping some of London’s most beautiful doors.

Bella Foxwell estimates that she has photographed around 600 of the capital’s most varied entryways, amassing a huge social media following in the process.

The 26-year-old’s vibrant snaps range from pastel-colored entrances on cobbled streets to punchy paint choices that stand out against white Georgian homes.

Foxwell began growing her series, “Doors of London,” in 2015 after initially working with similar approaches in her job in digital marketing. (Caters News)

Photography by Bella Foxwell/Caters News

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What is ‘camp’? This year’s elusive Met Gala...

What is ‘camp’? This year’s elusive Met Gala theme
At the Met Gala on Monday evening, “camp” will be on display. But what exactly is camp? It’s a question many are asking but few can answer.

“Trying to define camp is like attempting to sit in the corner of a circular room,“ one cultural historian said.

Read more.

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